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Windmills and Zuiderzee Open air museum tour

Discover the icon of the Dutch landscape: the windmill Experience the shaking of the windmill in the wooden cap of the mill, enter the rooms and see how the miller and his family succeeded to gain a sober living in the windmill.

Three 17th century windmills in line symbolize the Dutch struggle between man, wind, water and land in a real Dutch polder landscape.
We will visit one of these windmills left from the former windmill complex of the Schermer polder created in the Dutch Golden Age by reclaiming a lake. This 17th century land reclamation was excecuted by rich Amsterdam merchants by investing their capital in the creation of new fertile land. The water was brought up out of the polder into the circular canal with wooden wheels and wooden screws. You can still see how it works. The windmill site can be reached after visiting the pittoresque village of Marken (former island) and/or the historic cheese town of Edam.

The Zuiderzee Museum is an interactive museum for each and everyone.

Going north we will drive to the old fisherman’s town of Enkhuizen where the history, the current situation and the future of this area can be see in the open-air section of the Zuider zee Museum. In 1932 the Enclosure dam (Afsluitdijk) created a large inland sea by closing off the former Zuiderzee from the North sea. 130 historical buildings were allocated a spot in the open-air section of the museum. This outdoor museum covers 15 acres and accommodates authentic buildings from the former Zuiderzee region, such as a church, a fish-curing shed, a mill, a cheese warehouse, shops and dwelling houses from the surrounding fishing villages.

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There are demonstrations of historical crafts from everyday life at the beginning of the previous century. A number of presentations offer a modern interpretation of traditional crafts, materials and themes. Besides the temporary exhibitions, the indoor museum in the monumental Peperhuis (Pepper House, 1625) also has the largest collection of wooden ships in the Netherlands. These historical wooden ships belong to the most extraordinary items in the museum’s collection.

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Full-day tour (8 hours):
Starting from € 620 for one or two persons.
Starting from € 690 for three or four persons.

Different rates apply if you want to go on a tour with five to eight persons.

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