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Bleyerveld, Y. and Van Hasselt, L.

Bird’s – Eye View of Amsterdam

On the Cusp of the Golden Age

Waanders Publishers , Zwolle 2015

ISBN 9789462620391 (English edition)

88 pages

Daalder, R.

The Amsterdam Harbour, 1275-2005
D’ Arts , Amsterdam 2005
ISBN 9074159842
319 pages

Feddes, Frits

A millenium of Amsterdam

Spatial history of a marvellous city

Toth Publishers, Bussum 2012

ISBN 9789068685954

367 pages

Goossens, E.J.

The Palace of Amsterdam

Treasure wrought by chisel and brush

Waanders Publishers, Zwolle 2010

ISBN 9789040076954

176 pages

Gosling, P., Nation, F.

Ethnic Amsterdam
A complete guide to the city’s faces, places and cultures
Vassallucci , Amsterdam 2001
ISBN 9050003087
196 pages

Harinck, G. and Krabbendam, H.

Amsterdam - New York
Transnational Relations and Urban Identities since 1653
VU Uitgeverij , Amsterdam 2005
ISBN 9053839550
199 pages

Huisken, J.E

The Royal Palace on the Dam in a historical view
Uitgeverij Uniepers, Abcoude 1996
ISBN 9068251708
162 pages
Mak, G Amsterdam, a brief life of the city.
The Harvill Press, London 1999
ISBN 1860465986
338 pages
  The Royal Palace of Amsterdam in Paintings of the Golden Age.
Waanders Publishers, Zwolle 1997
ISBN 9040099669
Rooi , M de  and Pessireron, S

The Rembrandt Guide
Travelling the world of the master
N&L  Publishing , Weesp 2006
ISBN 90 8541021 5
128 pages

Schwarz, G.

The Night Watch

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam & Nieuw Amsterdam Publishers

ISBN  9784086890385

64 pages


Abrahamse, J.E, Eastern Harbour District Amsterdam
Urbanism and Architecture
Nai Publishers , Rotterdam 2006
ISBN 90 5662-553-9
232 pages
Casciato, M The Amsterdam School
010 Publishers, Rotterdam 1996
ISBN 9064502463
251 pages
Dijk, H. van Twentieth Century Architecture in the Netherlands
010 Publishers, Rotterdam 1999
ISBN 9064503478
189 pages
Lebesque, S

Along Amsterdam’s Waterfront
Exploring the architecture of Amsterdam’s Southern IJ Bank
Projectmanagement Bureau Amsterdam/Amsterdam Development Corporation
Valiz ,Amsterdam 2006
ISBN 13978 9078088-12-7
351 pages


Zandvliet, K

Mapping for money. Maps, plans and topographic paintings and their role in Dutch overseas
expansion during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Batavian Lion International Publishers, Amsterdam 1999.
ISBN 9067074543
328 pages


Ceramic wall plaques

Polder, C.
and P.J. Tichelaar
Fired Paintings. Frisian Ceramic wall plaques 1870-1930
Primavera Press, Leyden 1998
ISBN 907431046X
231 pages


Aronson, D. and  Aronson, R.

Dutch Delftware
Aronson 125 th Anniversary
Aronson Antiquairs of Amsterdam ,  Amsterdam  2006
ISBN  9789080810846
112 pages

Hook, S.J. van Discovering Dutch Delftware. Modern Delft and Makkum Pottery
Glenn Park Press, 1998
ISBN 0966501903
136 pages

Made in Holland. The global succes of Dutch ceramics

Waanders Publishers , Zwolle 2018

ISBN 9789462621848

160 pages

Dutch specialities

Pessireron, S .          

Dutch Delight

Typical Dutch Food 

N en L  Publishing, Weesp, 2007

ISBN  978-908541-011-9

128  pages



Nieuwkerk, M. van

Dutch Golden Glory
The financial power of the Netherlands through the ages
Becht ,  Haarlem  2006
ISBN  109023011953
224 pages


See the Dutch Landscapes Theme !

Blom, A. van der and
S. de Vries
Holland in Paintings. The perception of town and landscape
Holland Book Sales Publishers , Helmond 1995
ISBN 9072088166
184 pages
Heuvel, M. van den en Metz, T.

Nature as Artifice                                  

New Dutch landscapes

 Nai  Publishers, Rotterdam, 2008

ISBN  978905662028-8

287 pages

Huxley , A Over Holland in: Along the road
Chatto and Windus Publishers , London 1974

Painted glass roundels

Ritsema van Eck, P.C. Painted glass roundels from the Netherlands 1480-1560
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam/Waanders Publishers, Zwolle 1999
ISBN 9040093415
104 pages


Amsterdam, H. van and
Voort, P. van der
Paintings: Tulip Fields of Holland / Schilderijen: Hollandse bollenvelden
Uitgeverij Lokaal Boek, Sassenheim
ISBN 9074707202
107 pages
Dutch Art in the Age of  Frans Hals

From the collection of the Frans Halsmuseum, Haarlem

Publisher : The Tokyo Shimbun , 2003

147 pages

(English and Japanese language)

Leeuw, R. de Van Gogh at the Van Gogh Museum
Waanders Publishers, Zwolle 1999
ISBN 9066504928
166 pages
Liedtke, W

A view of Delft.
Vermeer and his contemporaries
Waanders Publishers, Zwolle
ISBN 904009490x
356 pages




© Waanders Publishers


Linnet, R., Monrad, K. and  Rouberg, L.B.

Two Golden Ages.
Masterpieces of Dutch and Danish Painting
Publishers :  Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Statens Museum for Kunst Copenhagen and  Waanders  Publishers ,  Zwolle  2001
ISBN  8790096231
183 pages

Nauws, J, and
Van de Wijngaard, V.

Following Van Gogh
From Zundert to Auvers
Waanders Publishers, Zwolle 2003
ISBN 9040088063
144 pages

© Waanders Publishers


Rembrandt Art Book

The great Dutch master- his life in paintings

Dorley & Kindersley, London, New York, Sydney, 1999

ISBN  9780751307306

143 pages

  Rembrandt by Himself (Exhibition Catalogue)
Royal Cabinet of Paintings Mauritshuis, The Hague and National Gallery Publications , London
Waanders Publishers, Zwolle 1999
ISBN 9040093156
279 pages
Schama, S Rembrandt’s Eyes,
Knopf Publishers , New York 1999
Slive, S Dutch Panting 1600-1800
Pelican History of Art
Yale University Press, 1995
ISBN 0300074314
378 pages
Taylor, P Dutch Flower Painting 1600-1720
Yale University Press
ISBN 0300053908
227 pages
  Van Gogh to Mondriaan. Dutch Works on Paper
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam/Waanders Publishers, Zwolle 2000
ISBN 9040094179
184 pages
Uitert, E. van Paintings and Drawings from Etten and Nuenen
Van Gogh in Brabant
Waanders Publishers, Zwolle
259 pages

Vermeer Art Book

The master of light and composition –his life in paintings

Dorley & Kindersley, London, New York, Sydney, 1999

ISBN  9780751307795

143 pages

Willemse, F Het mysterie van de tulpen schilder / The mystery of the tulip painter
Een historisch overzicht van tulpentekeningen en aquarellen van 1550-1750
Uitgeverij Stichting Museum voor de Bollenstreek De Zwarte Tulp , Hillegom
ISBN 9080435449
216 pages

Past Dutch society

Israel, J.I The Dutch Republic. Its Rise, Greatness and Fall. 1477-1806
The Oxford History of Early Modern Europe
Paperback edition
Clarendon Press Inc., New York 1998
ISBN 019820734-4
1231 pages
Israel, J.I. The Emergence of Tolerance in the Dutch Republic (Studies in the History of Christian Thought)
Volume 76
Brill Academic Publishers, Leyden 1997
ISBN 9004107681
Rietbergen, P.J.A.N A short history of the Dutch. From prehistory to the present day.
Bekking Publishers , Amersfoort 1998
Third completely revised edition
ISBN 9061094402

Present Dutch society

See the bicycle parking tours !

Agudo, Shirley The Dutch and their bikes
Scenes from a nation of cyclists
Xpat/Scriptum Publishers , Schiedam 2014
ISBN 978-90-55948994
352 pages
De Rooi, M.

The Dutch , I presume ?

Icons of the Netherlands

N en L  Publishing, Weesp, 2007

ISBN  978-908541-012-6

144 pages  
De Rooi, Martijn

New Visions of the Netherlands

Dutch Publishers, Alphen aan de Rijn 2013

ISBN 978-90-76214-16
128 pages

White,C and
The Undutchables. An observation of the Netherlands: its culture and its inhabitants.
White Bouckle Publications, Lafayette, Colorado, 2000
ISBN 0962500631
264 pages
Horst , H. van der The Low Sky in pictures,
Scriptum Publishers, Schiedam 1996
ISBN 905594114X
143 pages
Horst, H. van der The Low Sky , Understanding the Dutch The book that makes the Netherlands familiar,
Sriptum Publishers , Schiedam 1996
ISBN 9055940399
299 pages
Kers, M. Holland in Motion (photography),
Terra Publishers
Lemmens, F. Visions of the Netherlands (photography)
Dutch Publishers The Ad Agency Alphen 1998
  The Holland Handbook.
Your guide to living in the Netherlands
Scriptum Publishers, Schiedam
ISBN 9055942111
256 pages
Schmitz, J. and Spoelstra, F, Boat People
Lemniscaat , Rotterdam 2013
ISBN 978-90-47705833
275 pages
Van Ditzhuyzen, Reinildis Dutch Ditz- Manners in The Netherlands
H.J.W. Becht BV/J.H.Gottmer , Haarlem 2013
ISBN 978-90-23012597
200 pages
Vossestijn, J.

Dealing with the Dutch
The cultural context of business and work in the Netherlands
KIT publishers,  Amsterdam 2004
ISBN 9068325655
239 pages

The Dutch Seaborne Empire (Maritime History)

Boxer, C.R. The Dutch in Brasil 1624-1654,
Clarendon Press Oxford 1957
Boxer, C.R. Dutch Seaborne Empire 1600- 1800
Penguin Books 1991
ISBN 0140136185
Bruijn, J.B. and
F.S. Gaastra
Ships, sailors and spices. East India Companees and Their Shipping in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.
Neha Series III
Neha, Amsterdam 1993
ISBN 9071617696
208 pages
Bruijn, J.B.
, F.S. Gaastra and
I .Schoffer
Dutch Asiatic Shipping in the 17th and 18th centuries
Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, The Haque, 1987
ISBN 906890132X
Djambatan, S.A Dutch power in Ceylon
Gaastra, F.S.

The Dutch East Indies Company
Expansion and Decline
Walburg Pers, Zutphen 2003
ISBN  978905730241.1
192 pages

Garvey, R. To Build a ship: The VOC replica ship Duyfken
University Western Australia Press 2001
ISBN 1876268573
Israel, J. I Conflicts of Empires: Spain, the Low Countries and the struggle for World Supremacy 1585-1713
Hambledon Press 1997
ISBN 1852851619
Israel, J.I Dutch Primacy in World Trade, 1585-1740
Clarendon Press 1990
484 pages
Jacobs, E In Pursuit of Pepper and Tea. The story of the Dutch East India Company
Walburg Press , Zutphen 1991
ISBN 9057300400
96 pages
Multatuli Max Havelaar or the Coffee Auctions of the Dutch Trading Company
Nieuwenhuys, R. Mirror of the Indies: A History of Dutch Colonial Literature
Library of the Indies
Schlesinger, A. Peter Stuyvesant: Dutch Military Leader (Colonial Leaders)
Sullivan, D. The Punishment of Crimes in Colonial New York
The Dutch experience in Albany during the 17th century
Temminck Groll, in cooperation with W. van Alphen MA and with contributions from Ir H.C.A. de Kat, Dr H.C. van Nederveen Meerkerk, Ir L.B. Wevers and assistence from many others The Dutch overseas; architectural survey; mutual heritage of four Centuries in three continents
Zwolle, Waanders, 2002
ISBN 9040087431
478 pages
Venema, J.
and Beverwijk, A.
A Dutch village on the American Frontier 1652-1664
Verloren / Sony Press Publishers
ISBN 90 6550 7604

The Golden Age

Montias, J.M.,

Art  and Auction in the 17 th  century  Amsterdam
Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam  2002
ISBN 903565914
336 pages

North, M Art and Commerce in the Dutch Golden Age
Yale University Press, New Haven and London 1997
ISBN 0300081316
165 pages
Price, J.L. The Dutch Republic in the seventeenth century,
St. Martins Press, Oxford , 1999
ISBN 0312217323
184 pages
Schama, S The Embarassment of Richess. An interpretation of Dutch culture in the Golden Age.
Fontana Press, London 1991
ISBN 0006861769
698 pages
Suchtelen, A van, and Wheelock, A.K. Jr.

Cityscapes of the Golden Age

Waanders Publishers, Zwolle, 2008

ISBN   9789040085499


Lemmen, H. van Delftware Tiles
The Overlook Press, Woodstock New York, 1997
ISBN 0879517913
224 pages
Lemmen, H. van Delftware Tiles
Shire Publications
ISBN 0747780611 X
Princes Risborough UK 2005
48 pages
Pluis, J. The Dutch Tile .Design and Names 1570-1930
Primavera Press , Leyden, 1998
ISBN 9074310486
696 pages
Roojen, P. van

Traditional Dutch Tile Design

The Pepin Press & Agile Rabbit Editions , Amsterdam, 2007

ISBN 9789057680229

144 pages

Schaap, E .B. Dutch Floral Tiles in the Golden Age and their Botanical Prints
J.H. Gottmer/H.J.W. Becht Publishers 1994
ISBN 9023008588
183 pages


See the Flowers and plants theme page !

Beenakker, J.J.M Four centuries of flower bulb culture / Vier eeuwen bloembollencultuur
Uitgeverij Stichting Museum voor de Bollenstreek De Zwarte Tulp, Hillegom
ISBN 90435422
111 pages
Monter, F. and Van der Bent, K. Enjoying the bulbs ( Genieten van de bollen)
Publisher : Genieten van de bollen, 2018
ISBN 97890826899-0-7
208 pages
Leijenhorst, L Hortus Bulborum, Treasury of historical bulbs / Schatkamer van historische bolgewassen
Stichting Uitgeverij Noord-Holland, Wormerveer 2004
ISBN 9789071123740
79 pages
Pavord, A. The Tulip
Bloomsbury Publishing , 2000
ISBN 0747542961
438 pages


See the Delta works tour !

Mapes Dodge, M Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates
IndyPublish.com , McLean, Virginia, U.S.A  2002
 ISBN  1404306544
 276 pages

Land and water

125 works of art associated with the subject of land and water. Rijksmuseum Amsterdam &  Nieuw Amsterdam Publishers, 2008

ISBN 9789086890095

Vos, A. de Holland, living with water
Scriptum Publishers, Schiedam 2001
ISBN 9055942200
144 pages


See the Windmills and Zuiderzee Open air museum tour!


See the Wind Energy theme !

Stokhuyzen, F. The Dutch Windmill
Van Dishoek Publishers, Bussum, 1962
Original title "Molens" , translated by C. Dikshoorn

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