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As you can see, this medieval castle, not the most luxurious accomodation anyhow, is surrounded by high water, wich makes living conditions even less attractive and comfortable, especially in the Middle Ages.

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Living in luxury:
castles, country seats and royal palaces

Nearly all Dutch castles were built in the Middle Ages. They are mainly manifestations of the socio-political system called feudalism. Public power was chiefly in the hands of private individuals.
The building of bigger and stronger castles was among other things connected with the crusades during which Europe came to know oriental castle building. In the Netherlands these medieval castles are often situated on river mouths or river forks, which adds to a beautiful scenic location.
Country seats and stately homes came into fashion after the Middle Ages when the defensive function of the castles became less important.
Especially the beautiful scenic areas in the Netherlands such as hills, riverbanks and inner dunes have many country seats, a number of which can be visited, as for example Huize Doorn where the former German emperor Wilhem II went into exile after the first World War.
The royal palaces in the Netherlands are not such magnificent buildings like Versaillles, but residences of a more modest size where the king or prince lived.
The former royal summer residence with Versailles-style palace garden of the House of Orange is open to visitors.

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After making sure that everything is set for your holiday break; and after securing apartments Amsterdam, it is about time you finalize your itinerary and activities. Some of the must-see spots in Holland are the castles and palaces.

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