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Flowers and plants

Tulips and windmills are still the best-known Dutch symbols.
The price paid for the 17th century tulip Semper Augustus was more than what Rembrandt received for his "Night Watch".
Right behind the dunes one finds the best soil for bulb-growing and it is there that in the springtime from mid-March till mid-May a magnificent display of colour can be enjoyed. In recent years bulb-growing has moved more and more from the old bulb-growing area round De Keukenhof to the north of North Holland.
The world's largest flower auction-mart, housed in the world's largest trading building, auctions nearly 20 million flowers a day. One needs to rise very early in order to see the flowers and plants before they are transported to all corners of the world.
Many events, such as flower pageants, show that the Dutch also know how to deal with their wealth of flowers in a creative way.

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Tulip Island off the coast of Holland
Tulip Island off the coast
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The Innovation Platform was set up by the Dutch government with the intention to see the Netherlands among the international top 5 in higher education, research and innovation. One of the ideas is to create a tulip-shaped island that will provide agricultural space, clean energy, a new national airport and protection of the current coastline all at once.

Dutch contractors already built a Palm shaped-island located off the coast of Dubai.

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