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HollandTheRideWay can show you some fine examples of the old trades and crafts which, it's true , are often practised in an industrial or museological entourage, but therefore no less interesting.

Little Edam cheese

In the Cheese museum you can see how the production of the small round world-famous cheeses took place. Cheesefarms where many different kinds of farm cheese are made can also be visited.

Wooden shoes

Visits to clog-making shops, where traditional Dutch wooden shoes are made, are also included in our programme.

Delft Blue earthenware

At Delft, in one of Holland’s best preserved historic town-centres, you can very well combine a walk along the old canals with a visit to a Delft Blue pottery with handpainted Delftware or to the Tile museum.




In the northern part of Holland some ceramics potteries, one of them existing since 1594 , show you various uses of the hand-made and hand painted tiles and the famous majolica-technique by which the tiles get a deep and radiant effect.
Also enamelled bricks and roof tiles can be seen there.

The art of silversmith

In a little picturesque town in the green heart of Holland you can see the silversmith working in his work-shop and the tinsmith in a little town on the river Meuse shows you his collection of more than 600 pewter (tinware) products.

Jenever distillation process

In the unofficial jenever capital of Holland you can see the whole distillation process carried out just as it used to be around 1880 when there were 392 distilleries.

Building 17th century trading vessels

Holland’s glorious maritime past is brought to life again at the Batavia shipyard by building VOC ships, first the Batavia of 1628 which caused a sensation during the Olympic games of 2000 in Sydney, and now the Zeven Provincien, the proud flagship of admiral Michiel de Ruyter.
As a visitor you can see the work of the carpenters at close distance and even feel the hardness of the wood yourself.

Historical sawmill

The completely preserved sawmillcomplex has a historical mill-yard, consisting of the sawmill , a shed for wood-drying ,a house for the miller and a sawmill pond. It is a beautifully restored national monument where tree trunks have been sawn into beams and planks for the past three hundred years.

Stained-glass windows

Glassworkshops where amongst other things the production of stained-glass, sandblasted glass and glass appliqué can be seen are also on the HollandTheRideWay programme.

Marzipan moulds

A complete collection of marzipan moulds awaits you in the Bakery museum where you are shown all the aspects of the baker’s trade according to traditional methods.



Agricultural handicraft

The Frisian Aldfears Erf Route (Agricultural Heritage) shows you mainly agricultural handicraft.

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